Helping our patients "Age in Place"

Comfort and Convenience:

Whether you or your loved one is homebound due to physical infirmity or dementia, we can bring quality medical care to you, in your home, on the phone, by email, or through our confidential patient portal. That's 24/7 access - no matter where you are!

Quality Care Like No Other:

Here at DocTalker, we work for you! We take the time to personalize the care you need, by accurately recognizing your medical needs and effectively bringing you the medical resources you need.

House Calls:

House Call Fee + Time-Based + Distance Fee

$100 + $400/Hr + See Table

Zone Distance from Office Distance Fee
0 0-5 miles $0
1 5-15 miles $50
2 15-25 miles $100
3 25+ miles $150

Find your distance from our office: